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Bark Collars are a popular dog training tool that help deter unwanted barking behaviour without harming your dogs. The collars use a variety of stimuli, including vibration, tone and static shocks, to prevent excessive barking. 

Dogs trained with these types of collars tend to become less aggressive and more obedient. These training tools work by associating your dog’s barking with an unpleasant effect (e.g., a brief mild static shock, vibration or tone).

In addition, they allow you to communicate with your pet and help them learn what is acceptable behaviour and what will not be tolerated. If you want to learn which type of bark collar is most suitable for your pet, this article has you covered. 

How to choose the right Bark Collar?

The bark collars available on the market use different types of stimuli to discourage excessive barking. To determine which type is most suitable for your pet, you must consider a few factors: temperament, breed, and age. 

It is worth noting that barking is a dog's primary means of expression and can be triggered by an event or an association. For example, whenever a dog hears a noise, sees something unusual, or feels anxious, their instinct is to bark. However, if your dog constantly barks for no apparent reason, a bark collar is a worthy investment. 

If you have kids in the house, some types of collars may not be suitable for your home. It is best to seek advice from our experts to figure out what collars are appropriate for your case. Contact BARKAHOLICS® today to consult with an experienced professional. 

Generally, there are two types of bark collars: vibration collars and static shock collars.

Static Shock Collars

These collars emit a mild static shock every time your dog barks. They allow you to adjust the intensity of the shock, giving you maximum versatility when training your pooch. 

Besides bark collars, there are other kinds of tools that deter your dog from excessive barking. For instance, you can get an bark deterrent that delivers a high-pitched ultrasonic sound when it detects unwanted barking but these devices very rarely work.

Some alternatives also use vibration as a stimulus to deter barking. 

Keep in mind that you should only use collars for barking dogs in conjunction with training. They can help stop barking issues quickly, but they are not designed to be punitive tools. 

Bark collars are also convenient if you frequently take your dog for walks because they prevent your pet from barking at people or other animals. You just have to ensure that they fit snugly around your dog’s neck – neither too tight to restrict breathing nor too loose to slide down the neck. 

How to use a Bark Collar?

You can start training your pet with a bark collar by securing it around their neck and letting them wear it for a few minutes. This step allows your dog to get used to the feeling of the tool. 

Take note that it is normal for your dog to try to take it off or scratch at it. If they don’t exert too much effort to remove the collar, give them a treat and take it off for a little while. Repeat this process until your dog is comfortable wearing the collar. 

The next step is to teach your dog what behaviour you want them to do instead of barking. For instance, you can say "enough" every time they bark, so they learn that their bark triggers an unpleasant sensation. Then, you can give them treats or praises every time they obey your commands or behave appropriately. 

Always remember that bark collars aim to correct unwanted behaviour, not punish your dog. You should never use them to penalise your pet long after it has misbehaved because they won’t be able to associate the stimulus with the undesirable behaviour. 

Where can I buy a Bark Collar?

BARKAHOLICS® offers a broad range of bark collars to ensure you find a suitable product for your home. We have options that come with advanced features, including waterproof collars and rechargeable collars. 

If you’re unsure which type of collar is best for your dog, give us a message so that our customer service team can guide you. You can also address your questions to us via email or live chat. 

We also stock a variety of electronic training tools and interactive pet supplies, including remote training collars, invisible fence systems and gps trackers for pets.

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