Please Note: Our 12 month repair or replacement warranty is only covered if purchased direct from our website or from our store on Petmarket "Shock Collars HQ" due to the increasing number of cheap counterfeits on the market in Australia of our BARKAHOLICS® products being sold on Amazon, eBay and other Marketplaces.

When buying from BARKAHOLICS® it ensures you are receiving a true blue BARKAHOLICS® products. If you find a product cheaper then our listed price you can guarantee it is 99% a counterfeit reproduction with no replacement or limited warranty offered.

At BARKAHOLICS® we receive multiple messages per day from customers who have purchased a counterfeit from Amazon, eBay or other Marketplaces thinking its genuine and when it fails they expect us to replace it. As it says above, our 12 month warranty covered only if purchased direct from BARKAHOLICS® or "Shock Collars HQ" on Petmarket.