Understanding E-Collars

Will my electric collar hurt my dog?

The name ‘shock’ collar is a little misleading because your electric collar should never actually ‘shock’ your dog at all. At most, your ‘shock’ should seem more like a jolt. The jolt can be startling, but it is painless.

The Abbot electric collar offers three variable training modes, including a vibration setting that is merely meant to grab your dog’s attention. In fact, you never have to use the shock setting unless you need it.

Using an inappropriately high level on a smaller breed can become very uncomfortable, possibly even frightening, and caution should be used when selecting your settings.

The E-Collar isn’t meant to be used as a correction.

This is a huge misunderstanding! The added stimulation is just meant to help reinforce your commands, not correct your dog for doing something wrong. This is called ‘Positive Punishment’ training, in which some form of punishment is added to correct behavior and isn’t a good technique or at all advised.

I’ve heard shock collars have a bad reputation. Is this true?

Shock collars have a terrible reputation because so many people abuse them rather than use them correctly. Many users use these as a ‘shortcut’, thinking the uncomfortable jolt will force their dogs to obey.

No matter how well trained a dog is, you can never fully trust they will come when called 100% of the time. Though unlikely, even highly trained working or service dogs can become distracted! It is simply part of their nature.

Can I use my E-Collar for small dogs?

As long as the electric dog collar isn’t too big for the dog to wear, it can be used! Make sure you are following the directions above and using an appropriate stimulation setting. The lightweight receiver and slender strap design make your shock collar perfect for small dogs!

  • 130 days standby time
  • Quick charging within 2 hours
  • battery-saving standby mode
  • Increased control range up to 1500 ft