Learn More about Dog E-Collars

Choose the Right Dog E Collar for Your Dog

As you take into consideration all of the options available to you to improve your life with your pet, consider the value and importance of dog e collars. For many families, these can change lives – they improve your relationship with your pet by giving you more control over them, and putting an end to nuisance barking. At  BARKAHOLICS® we have many options, just check out our electric dog training collar online store.

Remote Controlled Options

One of the types of dog e collars you can select from is a remote controlled version. In these, you are able to control when they are used to stop the barking. For example, you can activate them when you feel your pet is barking too much. This can help you to limit the use of the collar until it is necessary.

Bark Activated Collars

Another type of collar you will find at our electric dog collar online store are bark activated models. With this type, the collar will sense the bark using a combination of sound/vibrations and automatically trigger to deliver a small shock, or sound, or vibration to the dog. This is a better option for those who do not want the dog to bark at all or need to have bark control protection even when they are not home with the pet. If your neighbors are complaining about barking all of the time while you are not there, this could be the right option for you.

To determine which one is right for your needs, reach out to our team at  BARKAHOLICS®. You will find a variety of solutions available to meet most situations. The good news is that most people will have significant success using either type of collar for their needs. Our electric dog collar store is designed to make it possible for you to manage all of your needs with an extensive line of products.