E-Collars for Dogs

Does your dog love spending time outdoors? What dog doesn’t cherish all of the sights, sounds and smells nature brings, and the freedom that comes along with it? Unfortunately, we can only trust our dogs off lead in the confines of a dog park. What if we had a tool for you to use that would allow your pup to roam free?

  • How to Fit Your E-Collar
  • How Do I Use My Electric Dog Collar?
  • Furniture Example

3 Modes Available

●Beep Mode, no vibration
●Vibration mode, no shock
●Safe shock with beep (16 levels)

How to Fit Your E-Collar

Your E-Collar should rest snugly directly below the jawline (not further down on the neck). You want to be able to fit two fingers between the collar and neck to ensure proper fitting (more fingers- too loose, fewer fingers- too tight).

How Do I Use My Electric Dog Collar?

Your dog needs to be able to form an association between the slight ‘jolt’ of the E-collar and what you want him to do. Otherwise, your dog might not understand what this new stimulation means and become confused.

Step One: Check your E-collar settings yourself to ensure they are appropriate for your dog. You want to begin with a very light but still noticeable setting. You want your dog to notice the physical stimulation, but not be in pain.

Prongs should be sitting on (not pressing into) the skin, not covered by matted fur. They need to be making direct contact with the skin.

  • Ensure your electric dog collar is fitted correctly!
  • Begin with a very low vibration setting, gradually increasing until you find a level that works for you.

Step Two: Begin when your dog is already close by, perhaps only a few feet away. Your dog will already need to know what ‘come to me’ (or whatever your recall phrase is) means.

Call your dog to you, while simultaneously pressing the activation button on your E-Collar. Remember, this is on a very low setting and isn’t hurting your dog at all. Release the button once your dog has returned and is by your side.

Your dog will learn the stimulation means he needs to return to you, and that the stimulation will always stop as soon as he does!

  • This shock collar for dogs even offers advanced shock overload protection to ensure safe use!

Step Three: You can begin to gradually lengthen the distance you use your collar. Eventually, your dog will associate the vibration of his electric collar for dogs with his recall, and won’t rely on hearing your voice.

  • No matter how you use your new E-Collar, your dog must be able to form an association between the collar and your commands. Activating your collar without that understanding can be confusing.

Furniture Example

Do you want your dog to get down off of the furniture, for example? Assuming he knows your ‘down’ command, simply combine the added stimulation of your electric dog collar with your command. Once your dog is down off of the ‘couch’ (ex.), release the button. It is as easy as that!