Difference between our E-Collars compared to Cheap E-Collars

Difference between our BARKAHOLICS® E-Collars, also known as Shock Collars, Electric Collars, Static Collars etc compared to Cheap Reproduction E-Collars also known as Counterfeits Sold on sites like eBay, Amazon, Dick Smiths, Kogan and Temu.

Owners commonly use e-collars to treat excessive barking, but when purchasing a cheap counterfeit device made from poor quality components from sites like eBay, Amazon, Dick Smiths, Kogan or Temu, these cheap devices with metal prongs can cause friction and thermal burns on your dogs neck if left on to long or if the cheap device malfunctions causing the metal prongs to become embedded in the dog's neck leaving your dog with open wounds and burns which could lead to infection which in turn will leave your dog traumatised and in excruciating pain.

The damage these cheap collars do to your pet will leave you with a very expensive vet bill and could also lead to your pets death if not treated in time.

E-Collar burn from cheap Counterfeit Sold on eBay


At BARKAHOLICS®, you can rest assured we only sell a genuine range of dog training collars and we're the first company in Australia to supply conductive silicone prong covers on our E-Collars to avoid friction and thermal burns which make our collars 100% safe for your dog. In saying this, it is not recommended to leave any e-Collar on your dog permanently. We recommend 3-4 hours per day.

BARKAHOLICS® have tried and tested every model we sell and only bring to you our authentic range of High Quality E-Collars which don't cause injury to your fur babies. The feeling our e-collars emit to your dog are the same feeling a human would get from a tens machine.

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